Who is Carl O. Nordling?

Here is my own answer:

I am a retired Swedish architect, living in a suburb of Stockholm. I am interested in historical research, especially concerning controversial questions. I was born a Finland-Swede and spent my childhood and adolescence in a couple of small towns within the Swedish speaking belt along the Gulf of Finland. I served in the Finnish Civil Defence in the Winter War 1939-40 and in the Finnish Coastal Defence in the Continuation War 1941-44.

As a result I am interested in the history of the Finland-Swedes (extended to include the history of Finland and Scandinavia) and of the history of the above-mentioned wars (extended to include the history of World War II and the two great dictators of the 1930s). I am the author of a recent booklet titled "The Finland-Swedes - Their importance in history and the notables among them" (2002). Among my other interests are the issue of Shakespeare’s identity with related problems, the fate of Tsarevna Anastasia, the Andrea Doria disaster, the murder of Prime Minister Palme, the fate of the European Jews during WW II, etc.

Here are two reference book answers, quoted from:

Who’s Who in the World:

NORDLING, CARL OLOF, architect, urban planner, retired, researcher; b. Helsinki, Finland, Dec. 16, 1919; arrived in Sweden, 1940; s. Ole and Karin Maria (Schauman) N.; m. Margit Ester Karlsson, Mar. 4, 1944 (dec. Sept. 1995); children: Danne, Nikus. Architect’s diploma, Finland Inst. Tech., Helsinki, 1939. Rsch. Asst. Royal Inst. Tech., Stockholm, 1944-47, prof. pro tem, 1946; cons. in pvt. practice Stockholm, 1948-53; architect Vattenbyggnadsbyran, Stockholm, 1953-74; tchr. The Bd. of Edn., Stockholm 1968; rschr. Faktainformation A-Z, Lidingo, Sweden, 1974_; expert valuer various expropriation cts., Sweden, 1960-70. Author: Defence or Imperialism? An Aspect of Stalins Military and Foreign Policy 1933-1944, 1984, The Creation of Finnish and the Finns, 1995; contbr. articles to profl. jours. Chmn. Swedish Freedom Coun., 1974-75. Corp. Finnish Army, 1941-42, 44. Mem. Econs. Union.

And from:

Dictionary of International Biography:

NORDLING, Carl Olof, b. 16 December 1919, Helsinki, Finland. Architect. m. Margit Ester Karlsson, 2 sons. Education: Architect’s Diploma, 1939; several advanced courses in Urban Planning, Statistics, Real Estate Valuation and others. Appointments: Research Assistant, Urban Planning, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 1944-47; Professor, pro tem, 1946; Consultant in Private Practice, Stockholm, 1948-53; Architect, Vattenbyggnadsbyrån, Stockholm, 1953-74; Researcher Faktainformation A-Z, Lidingo, Sweden, 1974-.

Publications include: A New Theory on the Cancer-Inducing Mechanism, 1953; Origin of a Depression, 1967; K Voprosu o tselya i zadachakh krestvogo Birgera Jarla v Finlandiyu v 1240 g, 1976; Defence or Imperialism? An Aspect of Stalin’s Military and Foreign Policy 1933-1944, 1984; The Death of King Charles XII - The Forensic Verdict, 1988; The Creation of Finnish and the Finns, 1995; The Finland-Swedes, 2002; In the Shade of Overlord, 2002; Scientists Against Science, 2004. Membership: Economic Union, Sweden. Address: Sporrvagen 16, SE-181 41 Lidingo, Sweden. E-mail: carl.o.nordling@swipnet.se  Website: http://home.swipnet.se/nordling.

Carl O Nordling