List of 137 dialect words occurring in the Shakespeare canon (not including "bad Quartos", apocrypha, etc.)

Each word is followed by its equivalent in Standard English and a code indicating part of its field of application according to Joseph Wright: The English Dialect Dictionary (Oxford 1898-). The following code words are used: War, Chs, Lan, Yks, NGB, for Warwickshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Northern part of Great Britain, respectively. (Most words denoted as NGB have been found only in the north, while most of the other words occur also in various counties not heeded in this list. Very widely used words are not included, even if entered by Wright.)

Note that in some cases it is not the word as such but the spelling (pronunciation) or the meaning of the word that assigns it to a certain dialect.



A-height 'up to the height' Yks

Anatomy 'thin person' War Chs Yks

A-roint (-rynt) 'be gone!' Chs Lan Yks

Arrant 'errand' Chs

Babe 'rag doll' Lan

Ballow 'cudgel' NGB

Ban 'curse' Lan Yks

Ballet 'ballad, song' War Chs Lan Yks

Batlet 'club (for washing)' War Yks

Beseems 'becomes (to a person)' Lan Yks

Betake 'to prepare' Lan

Betide 'to happen' Chs

Blab 'to gosip' War Chs Lan

Blench 'to glance, to shy at' War Chs

Blood-bolter'd 'matted with blood' War Chs

Blowze 'wench' War Chs Yks

Bonnet 'porch' Yks

Bots 'maggots' War Chs Lan

Brabble 'quarrel' Lan Yks

Brach 'dog' NGB

Brat 'rag' Chs Lan Yks

Broil 'to heat up' Yks

Byr-lady 'by God' Chs Lan Yks

Byr-lakin 'by God' Chs Lan Yks

Callet (-at, -ot) 'woman of bad character' Lan Yks

Carp 'to mock' Lan

Caterwaul 'to cry as a cat' Lan Yks

Chaps 'cracks' War Chs Yks

Chapman 'merchant' Lan Yks

Child 'girl' Lan

Chine 'spine' Yks

Chop 'to thrust (with sudden force)' War Lan Yks

Clean kam 'quite wrong' Chs Lan

Clip 'to call (by the name of)' Yks

Clout 'piece of cloth, rag' Yks

Cogging 'cheating' Chs

Coistrel 'knave' Yks

Crack-hemp 'gallows-bird' NGB

Crowner 'coroner' Chs Lan Yks

Dally 'to loiter' Chs Lan Yks

Dank 'damp' Lan

Darkling 'in the dark' Yks

Dild 'stupefied' Yks (doiled)

Dint 'blow' Yks

Dispurse (-perse) 'to pay' NGB (disporse)

Drab 'small debt' Chs Yks

Durt(y) 'dirt(y)' NGB

Egal(ly) 'equal(ly)' NGB

Eller-gun 'popgun' Chs (elder-gun)

Eysel 'vinegar (made of crab)' Lan

Fadge 'to fit' Lan Yks

Fardel 'bundle' War NGB

Feck 'strength' Yks

Fell 'cruel' Yks NGB

Fettle 'to make ready' War Chs Lan Yks

Fleer 'sneer' War Lan

Foison 'harvest' Yks NGB

Fumble 'to wrap up clumsily' Lan

Fust 'to grow mouldy' Lan

Geck 'fool' Yks

Giglet (-lot) 'girl' Lan Yks

Gleek 'to scoff' Yks

Gripe 'griffin' Lan Yks

Grissled 'grizzled' Chs

Grop'd 'grasped' Lan Yks

Gust 'taste' NGB

Haviour 'behaviour' Chs Yks

Heave 'to throw' Lan Yks

Hoise 'to lift' Lan Yks

Honey-stalks 'clover' War

Husht! 'hush!, be silent!' Chs Lan Yks

Inch-meal, by 'little by little' War Chs

Inkle '(kind of)tape' War Chs Lan Yks

It 'its' Chs Lan Yks

Keel 'to cool' Lan Yks

Ken 'to know, to recognize' Lan Yks

Lass 'sweethart' Chs Lan Yks

Latch 'to lay hold of' Lan Yks NGB

Leer '(amorous) glance, glimpse' Yks

Let 'to obstruct' War Chs Yks

Lozell 'rascal' Chs Lan Yks

Lush 'juicy, fresh' NGB

Makeless 'mateless' NGB

Malkin 'female servant' War Chs Lan

Malt-worm 'tippler of ale' Yks

Margent 'edge, brink' Yks

Mated 'confused' NGB

Mawkin 'slattern' War Chs Lan

Mickle 'great' War Chs Lan Yks

Misconster 'to misinterpret' Lan

Mych (mich) 'to pilfer, to cheat' Lan Yks

Mobled 'pelted with stones' Lan Yks

Mope 'to go about aimlessly' Lan Yks

Naught, a piece of 'worthless' Yks

Neive 'fist, open hand' Lan Yks

Nook-shotten 'crooked' Chs

Nuncle 'uncle' Chs Lan Yks

Orts 'scraps (of food)' Chs

Owe 'to own' Yks NGB

Pash 'to strike' War Chs Lan Yks

Pash 'head' Chs Lan Yks

Pick-thank 'flatterer' War NGB

Point-device 'precise' Yks

Poother 'disturbance' Lan Yks

Potch 'to thrust at, to throw' Yks

Proper 'nice, handsom' Yks NGB

Pudder 'squabble' Chs Lan

Puke 'to vomit' War Chs Lan

Quat 'pimple' War

Rack 'to drive (as a cloud)' Yks

Raddock 'robin' War Yks

Rase 'race = root of ginger' War Chs

Rue 'to pity' Chs Lan Yks

Ruffle 'to stir up' Yks

Sallet 'lettuce' Yks

Scab! 'dirty fellow!' Yks

Scan 'to interpret' Yks

Ship 'sheep' Yks

Slobbery 'foul, sticky' Yks

Squiny 'squint-eyed' War Yks

Sith 'since then' Lan Yks

Stithy 'anvil' Lan Yks

Swart 'dark' Lan Yks

Tar(re) 'to provoke' Chs Yks

Tarry 'to lodge, to stay until' Lan Yks

Tawny 'tanned' NGB

Thisn(e)'this way' War Chs Lan

Tib 'female (cat)' (used as girl's name) Yks

Toss-pot 'heavy drinker' Lan Yks

Trull 'lewd woman' Chs Lan Yks

Urchin 'hedgehog' War

Vails 'perquisites' NGB

Wanion, with a 'with a vengeance' NGB

Weed 'garment' Lan Yks

Welkin 'the sky' Lan

Whit 'jot, scrap' Lan

Yare 'ready' Yks